Virtex UltraScale+ 15P, Xilinix, XCVU15P

Single- and Multi- FPGA Prototyping Systems

Virtex UltraScale+ VU19P; XCVU19P

ASIC & Daughter Boards, FPGA Modules, FPGA Prototyping

FPGA Prototyping: Single- und Multi-FPGA Solutions

The proFPGA Product Family fulfills highest requirements in the areas of FPGA-Boards and FPGA based Prototyping.

Siemens EDA FPGA Prototyping Systems offer scalable high-performance Single and Multi-FPGA Solutions, which can be easily adapted and expanded by further proFPGA Modules with the latest FPGA generations and extensions cards equipped with interconnections, interfaces or memories.

The user gets a maximum flexibility in building any type of hardware configuration, which is in addition reconfigurable and adjustable to multiple applications.

Services and Products for FPGA Prototyping:

  • Single- und Multi- FPGA Prototyping
  • Customized FPGA Boards
  • Development of high-tech and high-quality products
  • PCB design and layout of complex boards, devices and systems
  • Production and assembly of prototypes, small and medium-sized series (up to 10,000 pieces per year)
  • Vendor of "proFPGA", FPGA Prototyping systems and solutions


The proFPGA Family

The FPGA Prototyping System: Modular and flexible, the concept explained by our specialists

FPGA Prototyping Products Overview