FPGA Prototyping

FPGA Prototyping Overview

We offer a wide range of FPGA Prototyping Products.

The proFPGA product family is a complete and modular multi FPGA solution, which meets highest requirements in the area of FPGA based Prototyping.

The proFPGA product series consists of three types of motherboards (uno, duo, quad), different kinds of FPGA Modules (Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale™, Xilinx Virtex® 7, Xilinx Zynq™, Intel® Stratix®), a set of interconnection boards/cables, and various daughter boards like DDR3/DDR4 memory boards or high speed interface boards like PCIe, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

The proFPGA Module is only working in combination with a proFPGA Motherboard. The proFPGA FPGA modules are intended for the user designs. Several FPGA types and speed grades are available. Each proFPGA FPGA module provides the following functions:

  • specific for every FPGA type
    • extension board connectors
  • common for all FPGA types
    • debug connectors
    • status LEDs
    • I/O power supply
    • JTAG connection

Our Products Overview

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