proFPGA Interface Boards

ASIC Prototyping

Concept of the proFPGA Product Family

The proFPGA product family is a complete and modular multi FPGA solution, which meets highest requirements in the area of FPGA based Prototyping.

The proFPGA product series consists of three types of motherboards (uno, duo, quad), different kinds of FPGA Modules (Xilinx Virtex® UltraScale™, Xilinx Virtex® 7, Xilinx Zynq™, Intel® Stratix®), a set of interconnection boards/cables, and various daughter boards like DDR3/DDR4 memory boards or high speed in- terface boards like PCIe, USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

It addresses customers who need a scalable and flexible high speed ASIC Prototyping and IP verification solution for early software development and real time system verification.The innovative system concept and technologies offer highest flexibility and reuseability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on invest.

The proFPGA Daughterboards

The Daughterboard is available in three different types the Memory Board, the proFPGA Interface Board and the Interconnection Board, which will be stacked on top of the proFPGA Modules for the best flexibility. All Extension Boards exist in different sizes, functions and capacities. They provide additional memory and interface for the FPGA and interconnect the FPGAs in a multi-system with each other. As the proFPGA Product Family is developed and produced by PRO DESIGN, new developments of customized Daughterboards can be easily realized by our experts within shortest time.


Interconnection Boards and Cables

Part of this modular and flexible system concept are the proFPGA Interconnect Cable and Boards. With this expansion the user is able to interconnect different FPGAs with each other.
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proFPGA Memory Boards

The proFPGA System is expandable with memory boards, which provide additional memory for the FPGA. Starting with 2GB DDR3 SDRAM memory up to 18 GByte of DDR4-2400 memory, the proFPGA Product portfolio offers more than 12 different Memory Boards.
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proFPGA Interface Boards

PRO DESIGN offers a range of different proFPGA Interface Boards, which enable an easy access through different connections like USB, SATA, PCIe etc. to the proFPGA System.
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