proFPGA Hotline
Hotline hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00 and Friday 09:00 to 15:00 (MET).
If you have any other issues out of the regular opening hours please contact us via Fax or Email:

Hardware Maintenance 

  • 12 month extension of standard limited warranty
  • Priority service & handling for covered hardware repairs
  • Loaner board/system for the time of repair
  • Weekly update about status of repair


Software Maintenance

  • Technical support for software questions
  • Supports only current version of software
  • Telephone installation assistance for PRO DESIGN supported platforms and operating systems
  • Call tracking and incident status information with automatic problem escalation


Software and Documentation Updates

  • Regularly scheduled releases (1 or 2 per year depending on product)
  • Includes engineering enhancements, usability enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Includes updates to database libraries
  • Includes software patches
  • Includes updates to documentation, or new documentation (at PD's discretion)


Customer Responsibilities

  • Maintain annual service contract
  • Install software updates
  • Supply main point of contact, trained in applicable products, to be the interface with PD pieces per year
  • Attempt problem isolation before calling the support line

FPGA Prototyping Products Overview