24.03.2014 -

proFPGA Goes Japan – PRO DESIGN Names PROTOtyping Japan as Distributor in Japan for Its FPGA-based Prototyping Systems

Munich, 24 March 2014

PRO DESIGN supplier of high-speed and most flexible FPGA-based Prototyping Systems, announced today that PROTOtyping Japan will be the distribution partner for the company's successful proFPGA product family in Japan.

"PRO DESIGN gets more and more requests from customers in Japan and we see that the need for FPGA-based Prototyping is increasing in Japan, because the complexity, performance and corresponding firmware/software for the developed ASICs are massively increasing. To take care of this important market and its customers in the best way, we have been searching for the right partner." stated Gunnar Scholl, CEO of PRO DESIGN. "With PROTOTpying Japan, who has been a leading distributor of FPGA-based prototyping solutions we found the right partner with strong experience in the distribution of EDA products and who perfectly understands the market of FPGA-based Prototyping systems. We are quite impressed with PROTOtypoing's professionalism and their extreme technical and sales competence. We are very enthusiastic about our new partnership with PROTOtyping Japan, and anticipate it will be a long and successful relationship."

PROTOtyping's CEO, Takuya Inoue, explained, "We are very impressed with PRO DESIGN success in Europe and North America over the last year with their proFPGA product. The demand for high speed hardware assisted verification solutions for complex ASIC and SoC design is growing throughout Japan. With proFPGA, PRO DESIGN offers the most modular, flexible and high-speed multiple FPGA ASIC Prototyping solution on the market and meets Japan's design verification and software validation needs, especially for telecommunication and multimedia applications, where you have to verify your design in highest speed. With PRO DESIGN's expertise in complex board design, the proFPGA products offer high quality reliable solutions for FPGA based prototyping systems. We are all very excited to promote and distribute proFPGA in Japan and we have confidence in PRO DESIGN's team and proFPGA to be successful in the Japanese market."

About proFPGA
The proFPGA product family is a complete, scalable, and modular multi FPGA Prototyping solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of ASIC and IP Prototyping and pre-silicon software development. The proFPGA product series consists of different kind of motherboards, various Xilinx Virtex 7 based FPGA Modules, a set of interconnection boards/cables, and a range of daughter boards (e.g. DDR3 memory boards, high speed interface boards (e.g. PCIe, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.). It addresses customers who need a scalable and most flexible high performance FPGA-based Prototyping solution for early software development and IP and ASIC verification. The innovative system concept and technologies offers best in class reusability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on invest.

About Prototyping Japan
PROTOtyping Japan was established in 2003 to sell, support, and service hardware-based engineering design projects for the Japanese semiconductor companies. In addition to the proFPGA systems form PRO DESIGN, PROTOtyping Japan distributes solutions from Temento Systems SA, Terasic Technologies, Inc., HDLWorks BV, Samtec Inc., CAST Inc., Bitec Ltd., Wiznet Inc., OrangeTree Technologies, S2C Inc and Polaris. Their customers consist of leading Japan-based electronic and semiconductor companies and universities. PROTOtyping Japan is headquartered in Shin-Yokohama Japan.
Visit PROTOtyping Japan at www.prototyping-japan.com.

The privately held company was founded in 1982 and has around 80 employees, with various facilities in Germany and France. PRO DESIGN has more than 30 years of experience in the EDA market and as provider in the E²MS market. It has built extensive knowledge in the areas of FPGA Board development, electronic engineering, FPGA design, high performance PCB design, construction, production, assembly and testing.

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