proFPGA TA1V1/TA2V1 Adapter Board


Technical highlights

  • Converts the proFPGA V1 to proFPGA V0 connectors
  • One regular proFPGA-Top V0 Connector
  • One proFPGA-V1-Bottom Connector
  • Fits on proFPGA FM-XCVU440 FPGA modules
  • 51 IOs on TA1V1 and 52 IOs on TA2V1

Product Summary

The proFPGA product family is a complete, scalable, and modular multi FPGA solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA based Prototyping. Because of its modular and scalable system architecture, the user has maximum flexibility and reusability.

Part of this modular and flexible system concept is the proFPGA TA1V1/TA2V1TA2 Adapter Board kit. The kit consists of two boards which allow to convert the proFPGA V1 connectors on the FM-XCVU400 FPGA modules to regular proFPGA V0 connectors. One of the two board is dedicated to the TA1V1 connector and the second board is dedicated to the TA2V1 connector.

proFPGA TA1V1/TA2V1 Adapter Board

one regular proFPGA V0 Top Connector ,one proFPGA V1 Bottom Connector

Supported proFPGA FPGA Modules


Number of IOs

in total 51 IOs and CLK_IOs are connected to TA1V1 and 52 IOs and CLK_IOs to TA1V2


I²C subsystem including I²C IDPROM

Product article numberPROF068 EB-FM-XCVU440-R1
Order codePROF-A-IC-TA1TA2

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