09.09.2013 -

PRO DESIGN Releases FMC Adapter Kit For Its proFPGA Virtex 7 Based FPGA/ASIC Prototyping Solution

Munich, 09 September 2013

PRO DESIGN, veteran in the EMS and EDA industry, today announced the release of the FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) Adapter Kit for its modular and flexible proFPGA product family of FPGA based prototyping solutions, to benefit from the big portfolio of available FMC based development boards and daughter cards, to significantly extend the usability and areas of application of the proFPGA ASIC and SoC Prototyping solution.

The proFPGA product series, released in December last year, is one of the most modular and flexible systems on the market, consisting of a motherboard, different kinds of FPGA modules with the latest Virtex 7 technology, various daughter boards and an extensive software environment. It addresses customers who need a flexible, cost efficient and high performance FPGA based solution for SoC and ASIC prototyping, real time system integration and pre silicon software development to reduce the time to market.

The new proFPGA FMC Adapter Kit consists of a FMC Mezzanine Adapter Board, which enables the usage of the wide portfolio of available FMC Mezzanine Boards like different kind of AD/DA converter boards, interface boards (e.g. SATA 1/2/3, PCIe Gen1/2/3, Gigabit Ethernet), image processing interface boards (e.g. HDMI 1.3/1.4, DVI, HD-SDI Display Port or LVDS), USB 3.0 Interface Board or any other compatible daughter cards based on the FMC standard in combination with the proFPGA FPGA based Prototyping solution.

The FMC Mezzanine Adapter Board can be easily plugged on the extension sites of the proFPGA system and provides a high pin count connector (HPC) which is compliant to the FMC standard. It provides 116 x FMC bank A signals, 44 x FMC bank B signals, 2 x differential unidirectional clk signals, 2 x differential bidirectional clk signals, 2 x differential REFCLK signals for MGTs and 10 x differential MGT signals.

In addition to this, the new Adapter Kit also contains a FMC Carrier Board Adapter with two high speed connection cables, which provide a connection between a FMC carrier card (like the Zynq®-7000 AP SoC ZC702 Evaluation Board from Xilinx) and the proFPGA Prototyping system. Thus the user has the possibility to easily adapt FMC based evaluation or developer boards to the proFPGA Prototyping system to increase for example the capacity, to add additional interfaces or to adapt design parts or IPs, which are running in the developer board to the proFPGA system.

The proFPGA FMC Carrier Board Adapter occupies one extension site of the FMC Carrier Board and provides 2 x proFPGA cable connectors, 1 x FMC HPC (high pin count) connector, 40 x MMCX connectors for MGT signals 4 x MMCX connectors for MGT REFCLK signals and 1 x PSU for VIO voltage generation of Bank B signals.

"We are thrilled by the success and customer acceptance of our proFPGA solution we reached so far. With the FMC Adapter Kit we further expand the usability of our solution, because users can benefit from the extensive number of FMC daughter cards and boards or can reuse their FMC based developed boards in combination with our modular FPGA based Prototyping solution." said Gunnar Scholl, CEO of PRO DESIGN.

The proFPGA FMC Adapter Kit is available now and the starting price is around US$ 500.

About ProDesign
The privately held company was founded in 1982 and has around 80 employees, with various facilities in Germany and France. PRO DESIGN has more than 30 years of experience in the EDA market and as provider in the E²MS market. It has built extensive knowledge in the areas of FPGA Board development and production, electronic engineering, FPGA design, high performance PCB design, construction, production, assembly, measuring and testing.

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